Digital Marketing: Embrace the Chaos

You’re not alone if the internet is making less and less sense as time goes by. New platforms, new ways of sharing, (irrational) new behaviours are making themselves known, and it’s getting hard to keep up. Good news, we’ve highlighted three key themes should you want to have success with your social media in 2019.

Vanity Beats Logic…Every Single Time

Believe it or not, people travel hundreds of miles to take a single photo. The concept of ‘no photo, never happened’ is dead and we’re welcoming the age of ‘the photo is more important than what happened’. Strange, I know, but with over 2 billion (3 billion by 2020) people walking around with a phone that has an HD camera, it’s not actually that surprising.

Above is a screengrab (video) of an Instagram geotag with over 6000 photos of a Lavender Field in Cotswolds, England. Most of these images were taken in a short period of time in summer to early autumn 2018 and there isn’t all that much around the area to draw that sort of crowd. This all started with ‘influencers’ with as little as 20k+ followers taking snaps, editing every detail of the picture, and then posting on Instagram.

These images instantly became envy-inducing, so much so, that non-influencers wanted to have their snaps taken there too.

This field has never seen so much action, and it’s not just this field. This is happening all over the world with hotels, island getaways, coffee shops, and cocktail bars. Just jump on Instagram, open the search section and you’ll see a whole world of content that is walking a fine line between an advert and a holiday snap.

Collaborations for Everyone

This is my favourite for 2019. Connecting two unlikely businesses, which can capture your attention whilst telling a compelling story. Here are some examples that show how powerful an unlikely collaborations can be:

Ikea and Adidas

BMW and Louis Vuitton

TFL & Adidas

How to get started:

Without giving too much away, below is a crude drawing of our methodology for helping brands collaborate and choose the direction for their collaborations.

We start with your brand, then look at the business goals you’d like to achieve with marketing. From here, we shortlist a number of brands for each category then go on a journey of trying to make these work. Easy, right?

It’s important to note, the more brand equity, the more choice you have when deciding who to collaborate with. So before you head out into the world to make friends, know your own worth using quantifiable brand metrics.

Create Personality Using Personal Data

Spotify did it first, did it well, and made an impact. Revolut copied, missed the point, but still, it was interesting. Let’s discover why.

The notion of using your data to advertise to you, then allow that company to gather more of your data and people, just like you, seems to be an odd marketing approach for any business. However, after the impact Spotify had, we see how it can be executed amazingly. The ads empowered Spotify to do two things that create loyalty with user

  1. It was about me and my friends, and it was on a huge billboard in the middle of London, New York, and Paris. People like looking at themselves (this is why they put mirrors in lifts) and Spotify played into this to create some kind of endowment effect with its users.
  2. It was hyperlocal. Spotify focused local marketing for areas like Brooklyn and Shoreditch and played on the overall ‘cool’ factor that music can have. They mocked areas for not being as hipster as they seem by exposing their most played artist like Justin Bieber rather than some unknown artists that they claim to have “heard about before their EP was even released”.

After the flawless execution of Spotify and the seemingly misdirected (but still interesting) attempt from Revolut, I now feel all brands should be jumping on this wave. I’d really like to see the NHS try this one out.

If you’re still not 100% sure what’s going on, then no worries, it’s a jungle out there. Take a deep breath in and embrace the chaos.

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