TikTok: How to create ads (with Examples)

As the oldest member at Osaka Labs, I’ve been lucky enough to see the birth of multiple platforms that impact our lives. I remember signing up for Myspace, changing my relationship status on Facebook, and receiving different types of messages on Snapchat 😲

With all new platforms come opportunities for marketing and advertising, but the critical difference between TikTok and what has come before is that it’s all about the creative. Within this quick blog, we’ve taken four examples of companies that could use TikTok to drive awareness, engagement and sales with a little imagination and a lot of understanding of the platform users.

Before we begin, let’s talk about the TikTok and their audience (as of July 2019.)

  • 78% of the audience are Millenials or Gen Z
  • Gen Z spend on average 2hrs 52mins on content consumption a day
  • TikTok users expect music, video and storytelling in short-form content
  • TikTok drives sharing via WhatsApp in just a few clicks
  • Ads loop until the user decides to move to the next video
  • Videos slide up and down and are portrait mode (9×16)


1. B2C Brand Awareness for Adidas

Combining user-generated style content with light animation allows the ad to feel part of the platform but with a little extra something.

2. B2C App Engagement for Booking.com

Super quick storytelling using ordinary people to show a little trip away at the last minute is possible for everyone using booking.com.

3. B2C Conversion Campaign for HSBC (Starting to become more corporate)

A bank on TikTok? Really? We think it’s the perfect place to attract Millennials and Gen Z who are not aware of services like FX or overdrafts. TikTok advertising could be the tool to compete with Monzo.

4. B2B and B2C for HMRC Digital Tax Services (Very corporate)

Ok, this was our wild card. We stole this idea from the Singapore government’s use of influencers to promote their tax return deadline date. If they can get things moving quickly, we think this is a winner for HMRC to communicate with their younger audience in a way they want to receive information.

If you’re interested in how your company can use TikTok in your marketing campaigns, we’ll be happy to chat. Please drop me a line on sam@osakalabs.com.

Osaka Labs has recently become an advertising partner to work with TikTok EU on creative and marketing.